3 Helpful Tips for Hiring a PPC Agency

Ask the PPC Agency these questions:

“Who will be my ppc account manager?” It seems like a silly question, but it’s incredibly important to know WHO will be managing your account. Why? Many PPC agencies have account managers whom you may not meet until after you’ve signed the contract. A good PPC agency will either include the account manager in the sales process, or will clearly communicate who will manage your account after the contract is signed.

“Does my account manager understand my market?” Do not hire a PPC agency whose account manager doesn’t understand your market. For example, if you sell surf lessons in Malibu, CA you may not want an hourly employee at a PPC agency in Dallas, TX managing your account. If you are in the wedding industry, you may not want an account manager who doesn’t know the key industry leaders like WeddingWire or TheKnot. Also, find out if your account manager has a grasp on technical terms related to your business. NEVER EVER hire a PPC agency who outsources your campaign management to a foreign country. (Unless you will be advertising in that foreign country and need a native speaker to help with campaign creation)

“How often will I hear from you directly?” Find out how often you will receive updates from your PPC agency. Do they report monthly? How involved are you in the setup process? Communication is essential to the ongoing success of your PPC campaigns. A great PPC agency will report to you at least once per month and have a standing monthly phone call as well.

Check the PPC Agency’s references

Ask for 3 references and follow up with each one. If your PPC agency is smart, they’ll put their best foot forward. Naturally then, the references you follow up with should proclaim glowing reviews of PPC agency and the positive impact seen in their ROI.

Take a step back if anything seems strange about the references provided by the PPC agency. Ask yourself if the references you spoke with were genuine about their experience with the agency and the results. Every great PPC agency should have a decent list of very happy clients who can speak to the quality of work and customer service they’ve received.

Ask for PROOF of success:

No PPC agency should ever guarantee results, however it is possible to provide proof of success from other client accounts. Ask the PPC agency for real life examples of successful PPC campaigns they are currently managing. Watch closely how they measure conversions. Take a look at what their landing page designs look like. If at all possible, ask permission to view the metrics inside other client’s actual accounts.  A great PPC agency will never hide metrics or put a spin on results. They should have living examples of their work readily at hand.