3 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A PPC Agency

You’re ready to take the leap and try out PPC ads, or you’re not satisfied with your current PPC agency. But, you don’t exactly know how to go about hiring a PPC agency correctly.

The following are 3 common mistakes made when hiring an PPC agency, which you can easily avoid. Take a look:

Don’t hire a PPC agency where your account representative is not the person actually working on your PPC campaigns.

Ask if your account representative is a middle-man/woman between you and the PPC expert, or if they are the actual person building and managing the campaigns. Only hire an agency if you will be working directly with the PPC expert. If you’re asking a salesperson this question, and they speak of turning you over to an account rep, who then relays information to a PPC expert – you’ll know that’s trouble!

Hiring a PPC agency where there are too many layers causes an inevitable breakdown in communication. Since the account rep doesn’t actually know how PPC campaigns work on the technical side, you won’t see the same level of results compared to working directly with the PPC expert.

Plus, by working with the PPC expert directly, you’ll find that changes can be made faster and you’re likely to see a greater amount of conversions sooner.

Avoid hiring a PPC agency that tries to put your business into a one-size-fits-all pricing structure.

Your business is unique and so are your goals. Therefore, the amount of time it takes to create and manage your campaigns each month is unique too. Of course, it’s perfectly ok for a PPC agency to have price points, BUT when it comes to ensuring you get the value you deserve, stay far away from hiring a PPC agency that stuffs you into one of their 3 pricing tiers.

A great PPC agency will create a custom proposal for you. They’ll educate you on the amount of time it should take to manage your campaigns and the potential price increases which may occur in the future as the workload increases. After all, if your ad campaigns are working well, you’ll likely advertise more and this creates more work for your PPC agency, right?

Stay away from hiring a PPC agency that works in all industries and types of businesses.

At first it might seem impressive, but it simply can’t be done efficiently. Hiring a PPC agency that “does it all” tends to mean lots of corporate red tape, too many layers of communication, less loyalty to customers, higher employee turnover (you may get a new account rep frequently and have to teach them your business goals each time you’re assigned a new one) and other pitfalls that should be avoided.

The best PPC work is done by small to medium sized agencies where each client has a higher percent of value to the agency. These agencies tend to specialize in a handful of industries and therefore produce better results. They’re familiar with the language and desires of the client’s potential customers in that industry.

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Mark ChapmanAbout The Author: EAM Blogger, Mark Chapman, helps each of his clients convert prospects into paying customers through his ongoing study of pay-per-click marketing, landing page development and conversion rate optimization. His hands-on approach gives him endless amounts of insight for teaching others how to market themselves successfully online.