5 Advantages to Working with a Certified Google Partner

What is a Google Partner? Google Partners have proven their knowledge in all things Adwords and are devoted to successful ppc campaign management. They must continually meet Google’s standards of delivering quality service with proven results for their clients. They must also manage an ad spend of at least $10,000 each 90 days – indicating their capability of acquiring and keeping satisfied Adwords customers who are seeing a good return.

What does it mean to work with a Google Partner, and why is it better? Here are five advantages that prove a Google Partner is the right choice for your ppc campaigns:

Guaranteed testing and innovation

Google Partners are required to perform tasks such as split testing different versions of ads inside your client account. They’re held accountable to being proactive in refining your Adwords campaigns so the best possible results are achieved.

No waiting in line for help

When things don’t go as planned, your Google Partner can tackle issues quicker than a non-Google Partner in multiple ways: their proven knowledge of the Adwords environment enables them to diagnose problems quicker; and Partners with a large monthly spend have direct access to a Google rep who can often address issues immediately, rather than having to get a support ticket and wait in line for a resolution.

No fear of missing out

Since Google Partners must pass several difficult exams proving their expertise in Adwords, you can trust that every available feature that would benefit your campaign will be employed. Greater success is achieved when a Google Partner creates and manages your Adwords campaigns.

Assurance that a high standard of service is continually maintained

Google periodically reviews your Partner agency’s accounts to ensure high quality scores are being achieved in each campaign and optimal service is being provided for each client. Conversion rates and client retention are also evaluated. If a company fails to maintain high standards, Google may remove their Partner badge. Therefore, by working with a currently certified Google Partner you can be sure you’re getting a high level of value from their services.

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