7 Reasons Google Adwords Needs Ongoing Management

Reasonably, you want to cut costs and minimize marketing spend, especially when it comes to spending on things you may not fully understand, or tangibly see happening before your eyes. But have you ever wondered why the majority of marketing agencies do not offer one-time Google Adwords account updates?

From years of experience with Adwords and relationships with our clients, we ourselves decided to discontinue offering this service, realizing that it’s impossible to do right by the client with a “set it and forget it” practice.

The landscape of Google Adwords is perpetually changing, and for the following 7 reasons it’s impossible to achieve lasting results without ongoing management:

Consumer behavior is continually changing

Factors such as: what words/phrases people type into the search bar (no 2 people think exactly alike) and what devices they search with (smartphone, desktop, tablet) are just a few out of an endless amount of variables that affect consumer behavior, which in turn effects how they respond to your advertising campaign. If no one is paying attention to these behaviors, no one will be able to guide your advertising campaigns to evolve alongside them.

Google Adwords is continually changing

Improvements to the advertising platform occur every month, if not more often. An unmanaged account will receive notifications from Adwords that will fall on deaf ears, and are highly likely to cause campaigns to underperform. Sometimes, Google makes significant changes that may even prevent important campaign elements from running altogether if the change is not addressed. (For example, the recent switch over to Google My Business has left many unattended accounts without a business address showing customers where to go!)

New advertisers appear

If no one is paying attention to an Adwords campaign and a new advertiser comes into the market, they may do many things that may cause your campaign to underperform. A classic example is that they may begin outbidding you, and your ads drop down the results page.

Offers/products from those new advertisers

Many times, a new advertiser will have done their homework and will create an offer that is better than yours and acquire leads that should have been yours. Without someone paying attention and looking out for what new advertisers are doing, your campaign is bound to underperform and will hand over valuable leads to competitors.

Comparison of metrics is essential

When an account manager compares performance of your keywords, ads and other metrics on a month-by-month basis, they are able to see trends that indicate where attention is needed in the account.  What if one of your most profitable ad groups starts to see a decline in traffic, and your budget begins transferring to a less profitable ad group? If left unchecked, your return-on-investment for your advertising dollars will decline rather than increase.

Testing is essential

Anyone who sets up an Adwords ad, and thinks they’ve nailed it perfectly right from the beginning is being foolish. The same applies for keywords, geographic targets and tons of other variables in a campaign that need to be tested, re-tested and tested some more. We’ve seen campaigns increase conversions by 100% after making some seemingly insignificant changes to a line of text in an ad. Ongoing account management allows for testing to be done and continual improvements to be made.

Companies evolve continually

Every business’ products and services evolve over time and their advertising campaigns should move with those changes. If a business has stayed exactly the same for more than a year, it’s likely there are bigger issues at hand. Ongoing Adwords management keeps campaigns fresh and relevant according to the changes occurring within the business itself.

Conclusion: A well managed account sees positive results on an ongoing basis, and increasing results as well. An account that is left on it’s own, only sees decay, some more rapid than others. The value ongoing management adds to your campaigns will likely generate more income for your business that exceeds the amount of money invested in the management cost itself.

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