Does your Adwords Consultant do these 3 things?

Your AdWords Consultant should get you more than just keywords and ads for your marketing dollars. How else should they bring value to the table? Here are 3 things a GREAT AdWords Consultant must do regularly:

1) Perform Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

The process of effective ppc management doesn’t stop at clicks. What happens after someone clicks on your ad is equally important. A great AdWords Consultant will also create and manage landing pages. The message of your landing pages will match the message of your keywords. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) means continually testing and refining your landing pages.

Another great tool for CRO is call tracking. A system like Convirza lets your AdWords Consultant track calls and listen to each one. What callers say during the conversation holds many nuggets of wisdom. The common phrases they use and problems they need to solve enhance CRO significantly.

There will always be ways to improve CRO – unless your ppc marketing campaigns convert at 100%.  It’s never ok to “Set it and forget it” (thank you Ron Popeil…) since the consumer landscape is forever changing!

2) Suggest Strategic Changes

Your AdWords Consultant will discover things about potential customers you may not already know. The data available to an AdWords Consultant should naturally lead to suggestion of strategic changes.

Here’s an example of a strategic change we suggested to a client. While listening to a client’s call tracking from Adwords, we discovered their salespeople answered the phone with a simple “Hello.”  Callers inevitably went through a few moments of confusion. They were never sure if they had the correct number. Nearly everyone first asked: “Is this [business name]?”

After learning this, we suggested the staff answer the phone with “Thank you for calling [business name], this is [salesperson name]”. The client made the switch. A significant increase in caller satisfaction occurred! This ultimately lead to better Adwords results. We went beyond the ads and keywords to be a strategic AdWords Consultant.