Are My Google AdWords Campaigns Working?

You’re running Google AdWords campaigns but you’re not sure if they are working. Or, perhaps you know they’re not working.

Realistically, you only have 3 options for making a change:


They’re not working or you’re not sure, and it’s time to stop the bleeding. Quitting is the quickest, easiest solution to saving the money you may lose on Google AdWords campaigns in the future.

But giving up doesn’t make much sense. You see your competition thriving and growing as a result of their Google AdWords campaigns. And although quitting may bring a temporary sense of relief, it isn’t the right long-term solution to your problem.


For many small business owners without a marketing budget, this is the very best option. You’ve got to put in the “sweat equity” to make Google AdWords campaigns work, and you’ll create the time in your schedule to start learning.

There are thousands of online resources and communities for learning how to create and optimize your Google AdWords campaigns. A simple Google search for information will yield blog posts, web tutorials and documentation from the Google themselves.

To get you started, here are two awesome communities we highly recommend:



Buyer Beware: If you end up reading helpful information directly from Google AdWords online (or if you find yourself calling the customer support phone number) you should know that they have a commitment to increasing the number of advertisers and increasing the amount of money their advertisers spend. As a result, much of what they say should be taken with a grain of salt. You won’t want to follow every bit of advice, but rather think things through carefully and strategically for yourself.


You knew we’d say that… didn’t you!?

It’s more than just my desire to win you over as a new client – it’s about the real numbers behind what a certified Google Partner can do for your Google AdWords campaigns.

Hiring a professional does cost money, but will reap a positive return-on-investment.

You will save money right from the start when an expert sets up your Google AdWords campaigns. Millions (maybe even billions) of dollars are wasted on unwanted clicks every single day because small business owners have set up their campaigns without knowing the ins and outs of AdWords.

Continual conversion rate optimization on your Google AdWords campaigns will also add to those savings each month.

You’ll be freed up to continue running your business, delivering superior customer service and following up with the leads you receive from your professionally managed Google AdWords campaigns.

A professional who knows what they’re doing and has your best interest in mind is worth their weight in gold!

If you’d like to see real examples of the positive return on investment for a business like yours – get in touch! I’d love to show you how your business can grow with professionally managed Google AdWords campaigns.

Mark Chapman, Owner of Everett Andrew Marketing
About The Author: EAM Blogger, Mark Chapman, develops effective PPC campaigns for clients that cut through the clutter and turn prospects into paying customers.

His continual work in pay-per-click marketing, landing page development and conversion rate optimization give him endless amounts of insight for teaching, writing and speaking about successful online marketing strategy.