Big news in the world of Search Engines

Firefox has a new default search engine

Something huge happened late last year for Firefox users: Firefox announced that Google will no longer be the default search engine for their web browser. Instead, they’ve entered into a 5 year agreement with Yahoo to become the default. (Yahoo’s search engine is powered by Bing)

Will this impact Google Adwords advertisers?

Absolutely. When a major internet browser chooses to show Yahoo search results instead of Google’s it’s highly like that the amount of traffic to Google will decline to some extent. And if traffic to Google declines, advertiser’s ads will be shown fewer times and this could all result in less new business acquired from Google Adwords.

What can be done?

There doesn’t seem to be a huge impact just yet, but the possibility of Yahoo taking more of a market share from Google is likely. Though it’s doubtful that this change will be severe for advertisers, they can still consider allocating a portion of their ad budget to Yahoo/Bing Ads. The results achieved from Yahoo/Bing Ads are typically just as good as results advertisers get from Google, so you can be sure you won’t be wasting money if Google is working well for you.

Since the only thing we can count on in the world of search marketing is change, let’s move with the change together! If your business has questions about search marketing and how it can adapt to this change, give us a call – we’re here to help!