Buyer Beware – There’s Some Misinformation Going Around!

Have you ever seen an advertisement like the one below? It’s an ad for a tool called Google Adwords Express – and it’s really important that you know exactly what you’ll get if you decide to take the bait!

The email campaign below (forwarded to us from our great friends at Synnovatia) is from Manta, a big name in the small business world. Since it comes from a big name company, there’s a perceived sense of trust inherent in the email – “if Manta recommends Adwords Express, then it must be worth checking out, right?” …we have to disagree. Take a look at the email, then read on to learn what’s really behind the promotion, and the reason why you won’t get the results you want if you use it:

AdWords Express

Adwords Express doesn’t ‘help you navigate’ – rather, it navigates for you.

This sounds good, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, if you really want search engine marketing to work for you, you’re going to have to put some effort into navigating, and you don’t want a mechanical algorithm to make decisions for you. Your business is unique and allowing a Google algorithm to make decisions on your behalf is as ridiculous as it sounds. Thefull version of Google Adwords is the right place to begin that process.

How then, should you approach search engine marketing? Approach it from a human perspective. Hire a professional certified Google Adwords Partner to take the unique, very human side of your business and implement that into mechanics of search engine advertising.

Great ads take testing and time

It’s very shortsighted of the advertisement above to assume that you’ll know exactly what you should say in an ad. Nearly everyone in business is far too close to their own company to see how a potential client sees it. Successful ad creation takes a conversation with a real human to brainstorm effective ideas. And making that great ad fit into the very limited amount of space Google allows you (35 characters max, to be exact) takes some serious practice and working knowledge of the Adwords platform.

Furthermore, testing different variations of your ad is essential to discovering what people respond to best. Successful ad creation is never “set it and forget it.”

“Adwords Express takes it from there…” — YIKES!

Do you really want a giant company like Google who knows nothing about your business (and quite frankly couldn’t care less) to make all the other decisions on your behalf and spend your money on what “it” thinks is best? (and by “it” we mean their algorithm) ….no need to answer that out loud, we know what you’re thinking.

So, what’s the best alternative solution?

We hope you haven’t developed too many ill-feelings toward Google by this point, we don’t mean to be a “Debby Downer” – we actually love Google. Our clients reap the benefits of search engine marketing every single day. What we do want to communicate, however, is that there is a better way to go about reaching new customers on Google, and that is through the full version of Google Adwords managed by a certified Google Partner.

You’ll be confident that you’re getting maximum return on your marketing dollars when you work with an agency like ours (real people! no algorithms) to create and manage your Adwords campaigns. You’ll be in full control over each decision and will have access to highly experienced professionals who have a vested interest in making sure your campaigns produce results.

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