Do These 3 Things BEFORE You Start a PPC Campaign

So, you’re ready to take a leap and market your small business on search engines with PPC campaign? Great! But before you start, be sure you’ve done the following 3 very important things before you spend a single penny on pay-per-click (PPC). Don’t let that “get-it-done-now” urge we all wrestle with as small business owners overtake the rational steps needed for PPC success!

Do Your Homework (Research)

Find out what your competitors are doing with PPC ads. Ask: what are they offering? how much do their products/services cost? What are their unique selling propositions?

Run a search on Google several times a day for a few days to see what PPC campaign ads your competitors are running. Yes, there are software tools out there to “spy” on your competitor’s keywords, budgets and more. BUT, you know what works best? Seeing exactly what your potential customers see, feeling exactly what they feel, and learning what they learn when they do an actual Google search!

Do your homework. Don’t start your search engine marketing until you know what’s out there.

Set Goals for your PPC Campaign

Most of us want to grow our business and take over the world in the next 3 months, right? Well, if we don’t set measurable goals we won’t get there. The same applies to your search engine marketing. Ask yourself what you want to accomplish with your PPC campaign – do you want phone calls? sign ups? registrations? – and determine how many of those you need to achieve a positive ROI. If you have $500 to spend on PPC, how many phone calls do you want to get for that budget?

Set SMART goals for your PPC campaigns – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. And, keep this reality check in mind: It will take time and money to figure out what works best. Not even huge brands who have decades of digital marketing experience get it perfect the first time.

Create a Plan

Plan your first foray into search engine marketing around one specific service or product you offer. Write out every aspect of your plan before you start clicking buttons, choosing settings and making decisions about the parameters of your PPC campaign.

Start small. This cannot be emphasized enough… you must start small. There’s no wisdom in creating ads for every product or service you provide if you’ve never done search engine marketing with PPC before.

Your initial plan should be to market this one product/service for a few weeks; listening, learning, adjusting and reworking your campaigns to enhance performance. Once you’re satisfied, add in another product or service into your search engine marketing and repeat.

With these 3 steps complete, you’re ready to take the leap and launch a successful PPC campaign!