Do you believe these 4 myths about pay-per-click?

Truth or dare: …. no wait, wrong game. Today it’s ‘true or false’; what’s true about pay-per-click (PPC) and what’s not? There are a lot of ‘mythical’ thoughts out there about PPC, and we invite you to take a closer look. Find out why some of the most common ppc considerations are only myths, and what is actually true about PPC marketing:  

Myth #1: “I don’t click on ads, so other people must not either.”
We process hundreds of marketing messages in our daily lives, and choose to ignore most of them because we are over-advertised-to. It makes perfect sense to think that PPC ads just fall into that same lot and get ignored. Why would you put ads where no one clicks on them and people have an aversion to them?

Despite these considerations, PPC does work and we’ll explain why. To start, it must be pointed out that just like its name describes, you only pay when someone clicks. No click, no charge. Since you lose nothing if no one interacts with your ad, PPC is a much lower risk form of advertising than other things like direct mail where you pay whether or not anyone responds to your message.

Furthermore, If your PPC ad includes an irresistible offer, describes something highly unique about your business or includes something else very enticing… they’ll click. People quickly overcome their aversion to ads when presented with one that matches exactly what they’re looking for.

Myth #2: “No one looks at the ads, they look at the regular (organic) results first.”
It sounds true, but this thought is actually quite false and there’s scientific evidence to prove it! If you want to dig in to the nitty-gritty, check out this article that shows heat maps of where user’s eyes fell on search engine results pages – it’s brilliant.

In short, the study found that people still look to the top left side of the page, and digest information found in the ads on the page in similar quantities and with similar speed when compared to the organic results.

Myth #3: “We can’t compete with the big corporations”
Big corporations may have larger budgets but it doesn’t mean you can’t play in the sandbox with them. In fact, the truth is just the opposite – PPC gives small business the exact same opportunities as the big guys without discrimination.

PPC campaigns work on a fixed daily or monthly budget. Whether you have $100 or $1 million, you’ll pay the same as anyone else for each click, regardless of the size of your business. You may not be able to run ads all day long, or reach a huge geographic area with your smaller budget, but you can still receive the same quality leads from people searching for your product/service.

Take a detailed look for yourself on a Google search results page – do you see small businesses and big corporations alike showing ads for some of your searches?

Myth #4: “I tried doing it myself and got nothing. It doesn’t work for my business”
You’re not alone in this. Thousands and thousands of businesses took advantage of Google coupons received in the mail for free $100 or more in ad spend, only to see no results and walk away wondering why it didn’t work.

The truth is that PPC is not a do-it-yourself marketing channel even though it has been sold this way for many years. Its complexity has developed exponentially in everything from the tools used to place ads (i.e. Google Adwords) to the psychology behind what makes people click and “convert.”

If you did it yourself in the past and got nothing, don’t give up. Hire an expert. The Google Partners program was created a few years ago to help businesses like yours find an expert who can navigate their way to success with your PPC budget however large or small it may be. Many of them (like us!) work on a month-to-month basis in order to prove their worth to keep you as their client.

Don’t let these 4 myths hold your company back from gathering well-qualified leads using a properly managed PPC campaign. PPC really does work! People are searching for your product/service every day and no matter how big or small your business or your budget, you too can get qualified leads from PPC marketing!