EAM Is Now a Yelp Advertising Partner

Yelp recently launched a new program that may significantly help your business: Yelp Advertising Partners.

The program will help you reach customers on Yelp more effectively, and get conversions at a lower cost. This is done by placing your Yelp Ads through a Yelp Ads Partner, rather than directly through the platform itself.

Everett Andrew Marketing is excited to announce that we are one of the first participants in the program and are now officially a Yelp Ads Partner!

What are the details and benefits of this program? Glad you asked!

Free Enhanced Profile Upgrades

Conversions begin with great reviews from customers who have used your services, and an Enhanced Profile. These profiles include the follow options to make your page stand out:

        • Photo slideshow
        • Call-to-Action button
        • Video

Enhanced Profiles even offer the removal of competitor ads from your Yelp Business Page, which will help put your business front and center.

A strong Yelp profile can entice potential customers and motivate them to move forward in contacting your business to inquire about or purchase services.

And by working with Everett Andrew Marketing as a Yelp Ads Partner, your business may qualify for a free enhanced profile.

Targeting, Analytics & New Customization Options

While we do know more than half of all Yelp searches are conducted on mobile devices, each business has its own traffic stats. Your business will have the ability to track all traffic to your Yelp Business Page, and measure it by 30-day, 12-month, and 24-month periods through your User Views graph.

You’ll also be able to learn more about how potential customers interact on your page, including the leads you gain from those searches. How many Yelp users called your business, mapped directions to your business or clicked through to your website? What’s the revenue estimate per customer who has converted? Yelp has all the analytics to help you learn more.

Additionally, by working with EAM as a Yelp Ads Partner, your Yelp Ad text will be customized and strict category targeting will be lifted so that your business can choose who sees your ads. Independent advertisers do not have the flexibility and options offered to those who work with agencies like ours.

Expert Objective Consultation Included

In addition to handling your other PPC marketing channels with tender loving care, EAM’s Yelp partnership also ensures expert consultation and guidance from an objective third party perspective. Having a team outside your business bubble can reveal just what you need to push business to the next level.

And as an outside agency we can objectively consult with you on what is right for your business, without an incentive to keep you advertising on Yelp if the platform isn’t the right fit.

It’s a win-win, really.

If the timing is right for you to consider Yelp Ads, get in touch today and learn more. Let’s discuss using the platform to get your business more conversions at the lowest cost possible.