The Fundamentals of Pay Per Click Marketing

What is pay per click marketing?

Pay per click marketing is when you spend money online using a tool where you only pay when someone takes a valuable action by clicking on your ad, then visiting your website. Two of the most popular tools include Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

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How much does pay per click marketing cost?

You can set any specific budget that’s right for you. There’s no minimum or maximum. You’ll set either a daily or monthly budget, and the PPC marketing tool will not spend more than you’ve told it to.

Hint: it’s so important to start small! There’s no need to throw money at Google or Facebook – they’ve got enough. Start small and test to find out what works best.

How do you know if pay per click marketing works?

They way to know if pay per click marketing is working for your business is by measuring “conversions”.

A conversion can be any valuable action that is taken by a visitor who clicked on your paid ad, then visited your website and is tracked back to your pay per click marketing campaign. In most cases it refers to an action related to a point in your sales funnel. A few common examples include:

    • lead form completion
    • phone call
    • product sale
    • event RSVP
    • download

It’s also important to know what conversions are not. Conversions are not the same as clicks, ad impressions, pages per visit or any of the other vanity metrics that are too often reported as measures of success but don’t reflect an action taken in your sales funnel.