If you’ve been in business for a while, you already know a lot about your potential customers, but how can you win them over faster? Check out this simple strategy:

Answer common initial questions in a blog post: Potential customers tend to ask the same questions. The particulars are different for every business, but whatever they are, it’s likely you hear the same ones again and again in sales conversations: “How much does it cost? How does it work? When will it be delivered?”…etc.

Determine which questions are most commonly asked of your business, then craft a blog post with compelling answers. You don’t have to write out every single detail, but be helpful in the information you share. In doing so, you’ve equipped yourself with a powerful working document online which increases a potential customer’s understanding of your service, and takes them a step further in the sales process right away.

Share it with potential customers: Let the blog post do the work for you. Send it to them before the sales call. When responding to an email inquiry or following up with an in-person meeting, send a personal message AND a link to the post. You’ll be educating the potential customer and setting yourself up for a much more successful sales call later. And you’ll impress them by taking initiative to meet their needs right from the start.

Reap the reward: Enjoy the benefit of moving potential customers through the sales process faster with this strategy. Using your blog post also helps you avoid answering questions on the fly, because you know the answers by heart and have thoughtfully crafted your compelling response. You may also find that potential customers who read the post show increased enthusiasm for your service too!

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