Increase Conversions: Get Inside the Mind of Your Potential Customers

Understanding how your potential customers think is essential to winning their business, yet we look past this fact far too often. You’ve probably been in business for a while, and know a lot about how your product service can help people – but do you really know what they’re thinking? And, are you really addressing what’s important to their situation?

Here are several actionable ways you can learn more about what your potential customers are thinking, in order to make changes to your website and increase conversions from your digital marketing.

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Increase conversions by listening for commonly asked questions

Before potential customers convert, they need to know the facts. They’ll get information from your landing page and/or website, but they may call to find out more if there’s something missing that’s necessary for them to convert.

Listen to the questions potential customers are asking over the phone. Are there any you hear repeatedly?

If your answer is yes, consider preemptively answering those commonly asked questions in an obvious place on your landing page or website.

In this way, the distance the potential customer must travel in their decision to convert is shortened significantly. And reducing that distance is an essential step to increase conversions online.

Increase Conversions by asking existing customers why they chose you

Speaking with those who already chose to convert also gives great insight into what was important to them in their decision to stay or go.

Let’s say, for example, you have a landing page that emphasizes 3 main benefits of your service. After interviewing customers who have already converted, you discover that one of those benefits repeatedly came up in conversation and was the most valuable factor in their conversion.

Increase conversions by placing more emphasis on communicating this particular benefit (both visually and on the page’s copy) so that it stands out among the other benefits to future landing page visitors.

Increase conversions by studying behavior patterns in your website’s Analytics

Your website’s Analytics are a treasure trove of information about your potential customers – but you knew that already. It’s also where those of us who love the psychological aspect of marketing have the most fun!

Commonly used tools like Google Analytics allow you to trace the path taken by your websites visitors. You can follow a line from page to page and find out which pages were repeatedly visitor, most popular or perhaps not of interest to visitors at all.

By studying which pages and pieces of content your potential customers interacted with most, you can learn what information was most important to them.

For example: You own a service based business, and you’ve put a lot of effort into describing the service you offer and helping potential customers understand what it is you do.

However, in studying your website’s Analytics you find that more people visit the ‘About Us’ page than the page that describes your service in detail.

This may mean that people are more interested in who you are and what qualifies you to provide the service, than the actual service itself.

Can you then hypothesize what changes you might make to your landing page or website based on this information about what your potential customers are thinking so you can increase conversions from the page?

You guessed correctly if your hypothesis includes expanding the amount of information about what qualifies you to provide the service, than the actual service itself.

Increase conversions by viewing the conversion funnel through their eyes

This one gets overlooked far too often. We get so focused on communicating who we are and what we do, that we forget to take the time to walk through the conversion process through they eyes of our potential customers.

When they search Google for the service you offer, what do they see? How does your offer and value proposition stack up against the competition from a purely objective standpoint?

Take the time to walk through and write down what you see and experience objectively from an outsider’s perspective. You’ll likely be surprised by what you learn!

Then, take your findings and modify the message on your landing and/or website to let potential customers know why you are the best choice. You are so much more likely to increase conversions if you’re intimately aware of what they’re seeing in the conversion funnel and you respond intelligently.

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