Is Your PPC Agency Doing These 3 Critical Things?

Having the right PPC Agency behind your ad campaigns makes all the difference. If you’re not 100% certain about what they’re up to and how they work, ask yourself if they do these 3 important things:

Landing Page Development

Effective pay-per-click (PPC) management takes a lot more than just managing budgets, keywords and ad copy. Where a user goes on your website after clicking your ad is vital to the success of your PPC marketing.

A great PPC Agency has the ability to create landing pages specific to each product and service you advertise. The agency’s landing page developer and PPC account manager work together very closely. The message of landing page matches the message of each ad exactly, and the landing page has excellent graphic design.

Also, a great PPC Agency’s landing page developer is very familiar with the best practices outlined in this course provided by Unbounce.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

A wise friend recently said “Unless your PPC campaigns are converting at 100%, then there is still more work to be done!”

Conversion rate optimization is the ongoing process of testing, testing and testing some more. A great PPC Agency will test new versions of ads on a regular basis, and they’ll be testing changes to your landing page as well.

Expertly executed CRO keeps your campaigns relevant. Your PPC Agency does this to keep you ahead of the competition.

Strategic Consultation

A great PPC Agency stays in touch and sees the bigger picture of your business -beyond the clicks and keywords. They are in touch with your social media, they listen to recorded calls from your Call Tracking software, they ask questions each month to discover where your business is headed.

Combining the knowledge gleaned from managing your PPC with what they see happening in other areas of your business will lead to strategic consultation.

You will learn a lot from your PPC Agency if they are proactive in nature and dedicated to the growth of your company.

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About The Author: EAM Blogger, Mark Chapman, works with clients across all industries; helping them acquire more leads, who are excited to buy the products and services they offer. His ongoing work in pay-per-click marketing gives him endless amounts of insight for writing great blog posts and speaking to audiences nationwide.