Seminars Promise to Educate and Inspire

President and Founder of Everett Andrew Marketing Mark Chapman speaks to attendees of Wedding MBA 2017.

The annual Wedding MBA conference in Las Vegas is just around the corner, and the Everett Andrew Marketing team is proud to be a participant yet again this year.

From Nov. 5 to 8, wedding professionals will join forces at the Las Vegas Convention Center to educate, learn and network with other industry go-getters. A schedule of more than 150 seminars has been organized to entertain every corner of the wedding world, including topics on trends, business models, marketing, design and productivity.

This year, EAM is excited to guide attendees through the basics of pay-per-click marketing in not one, not two, but THREE seminars throughout the conference. Each EAM seminar, led by Founder and President Mark Chapman, will cover specific topics, with the first presentation dedicated specifically to answering audience questions.

“Every single year I look forward to this event, and showing how it’s entirely possible to get a steady stream of leads from Google & Facebook Ads for a low cost,” Mark says. “Nothing beats the feeling of being together with other great wedding businesses and sharing in those incredible ‘AHA!’ moments.”

Multiple Seminars; Endless Topics

Here’s what attendees can expect from each of the three seminars:


♦ Wednesday, November 7 at 11am

♦ Attend this open session to ask any question about Google Ads and/or Facebook Ads and receive straightforward, helpful answers.

Powerful Facebook Ad & Google AdWords Strategies

♦ Wednesday, November 7 at 4pm

♦ Are your Google AdWords and Facebook Ad campaigns achieving a steady stream of leads and sales conversions? Learn exactly what you get for your money with Conversion Tracking; powerful strategies for lowering your cost per lead/sale; and convert paid traffic into leads and sales quicker.

Re-Marketing Strategies To Your Website Visitors

♦ Thursday, November 8 at 10:15am

♦  Did you ever have a Kate Spade purse or 4K TV you looked at online follow you around other sites afterwards? Remarketing is a powerful strategy for both product AND service based businesses. Learn how to earn a second chance with couples who visited your site but did not convert yet. Learn about strategic ad placement on a limited budget; crafting an effective remarketing message; and Google and Facebook remarketing that works.

Meet the Team At The Booth

Not only will attendees have the opportunity to attend presentations led by Mark, but they are encouraged to visit with Mark and his team at the company exhibitor booth. The whole team is looking forward to talking with wedding professionals about their experiences and answering their questions.

If you haven’t bought your tickets to Wedding MBA, it’s not too late. Click here to reserve your spot to learn from the team at EAM and connect with other wedding professionals this November!