Expanded Text Ads Released by Google

Google has just rolled out one of the biggest changes in search engine marketing history – Expanded Text Ads! It’s quite a big deal and they have huge implications for some small businesses. For the past two months we’ve been testing and measuring the results. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about them!

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What are they?

Expanded Text Ads allow for a lot more characters to be written in your AdWords ad copy. The previous character limits have been increased. Ads can now communicate an even more compelling reason for someone to click and visit your landing page.

What do expanded text ads look like?

Take a look at the comparison below:

expanded text ads before and after

Why are expanded text ads important?

In simple terms, the ability to write more copy in your AdWords ad allows you to be more compelling. The extra space allows you to better communicate what a visitor will see on the landing page that follows their click. It also gives you the opportunity to explain your offer with more detail.

Plus, there is one more very clever implication – and it’s not about the advertisers. Expanded text ads look a lot more like organic search engine results. This further blurs the line between advertisements and organic results for non-savvy Google users. It increases the likelihood that people will click on an ad instead of an organic link.

Expanded text ads are good for the advertiser and good for Google just the same!