Palms Chapel: Booked Solid

(Note: The data and harrowing tale you’re about to read are real, but the names of the business and business owners have been changed to protect the innocent.)

At Palms Chapel, there’s a wedding scheduled every Saturday for the next 8 months, and nearly all Fridays and Sundays are booked, too.

Since opening their wedding venue doors more than 15 years ago, Roger and Cindy have never been this busy. And they’ve also dramatically reduced the time and money spent on marketing.

2x the leads and bookings

Within several months of launching their paid ad campaigns under our guidance, some massive changes began to occur:

  • Number of phone calls and tour requests doubled
  • They were able to stop paid advertising on WeddingWire & TheKnot
  • Stopped attending time-consuming networking events in the local area
  • Increased from 4 weddings per month to 10 weddings per month

Palms Chapel’s ad campaigns on Google and Facebook now bring people to them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. …keep reading to learn how they did it….

How Palms Chapel uses Google AdWords

With Google AdWords, the Palms Chapel website shows up at the top of search page when couples in their area are looking for a wedding venue.

You know people are actively searching Google for wedding venues every day, so it’s a total no-brainer that Google AdWords is the first step to getting more leads.

How Palms Chapel uses Facebook Ads

With Facebook Ads (and on Instagram too), demographic targeting promotes the Palms Chapel website to the ideal “buyer persona” who is: 

  • engaged
  • within a certain age range
  • within a specific income bracket
  • is planning a wedding in their city

How Palms Chapel uses Landing Pages

Palms Chapel uses specific landing pages on their website to invite visitors to book a tour, attend an open house or call for pricing information.

They never send paid traffic to their homepage – this would force the visitor to hunt for the info they want, causing “friction.”

Example: An Venue Tour landing page enables Palms Chapel to communicate exactly what the visitor wants to know about taking a tour and how to sign up easily.

Here’s a sample landing page layout:

Get the Same Results for Your Wedding Venue

What would a change like the one Palms Chapel experienced mean to you?

Do you believe it’s possible to spend less time and money and yet book more weddings?

If you answered yes to the last question, but aren’t sure where to begin, we can help you get there.