PPC Success Story: Save My Family Today

Lisa Strong and Lisa Smith 

Lisa Smith and Lisa Strong of Save My Family Today were ready to take their in-home coaching services to new heights, but the self-described “not business-minded” family coaches needed to find a way to garner awareness of their business in the community. The duo turned to Everett Andrew Marketing and noted conversions immediately through the Facebook Ads and Google AdWords campaigns built for them.

Smith started her coaching business more than 8 years ago after leaving her job as an intervention counselor for an area school district. Smith realized getting school district parents to schedule appointments and discuss their children’s needs was difficult, so building a private practice where she could work with families who sought the support and guidance of a trained professional became her priority.

How would she reach out to those in need of her services? “Our industry is so personal, so people might not be telling friends about it,” Smith says. She needed help because word of mouth referrals are hard to come by when dealing with highly personal family struggles.

Understanding PPC, AdWords, Facebook

At the recommendation of a friend, Smith reached out to EAM President Mark Chapman for assistance. After building a proper website, Mark then taught her about the power of Google AdWords. It wasn’t long before the phone started ringing from people who now found her website on Google.

As business began to pick up and the need for an expert in marriage and youth counseling increased, Smith reached out to fellow coach Lisa Strong to form a partnership.

Mark was able to work with Smith and Strong to build on the already successful campaigns, and introduce new ads for the specific type of coaching Lisa Strong would now provide their clients. With a focus on Google AdWords specifically, and understanding the clientele, Save My Family Today continued to thrive. “Getting our AdWords fine-tuned has been a process that has been so crucial to gaining a clientele.”