Remarketing Campaigns:
How to get more leads than your competitors

You may be losing your customers to the competition if you’re not engaging them in more places, and on more devices.

Your customers are taking complex journeys on their path to purchase – they’re using multiple devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops), multiple browsers (Safari, Chrome, etc) and many different media channels (Facebook, Google, Bing, Instagram) to make their buying decisions.

Sometimes they use combinations of multiple devices, browsers and media channels all in the same journey to make their buying decision.

If you’re not following along with their complex journey (by using remarketing campaigns), they’re straying away from your sales funnel and being influenced by other company’s marketing messages over yours.

Remarketing campaigns are the solution to turning more of these “potential” customers on a complex path into actual customers – by bringing them back into your sales funnel when they’ve strayed.

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Can you explain remarketing campaigns to me in simple terms?

Absolutely! Remarketing is when you track the visitors to your website who have not signed up or purchased, and then you show them a follow up ad later on somewhere else.

It’s like that pair of shoes you looked at one time on, but didn’t purchase and then all of a sudden you see the shoes in ads all over the place while you browse the web. How do they do that?!

The answer: A remarketing campaign.

Remarketing campaigns example

But I don’t like being remarketed to myself. So, I don’t think it works.

Agreed. Most companies go about remarketing pretty aggressively and it can make us feel uncomfortable – like our privacy has been invaded. But I’ve proven with our clients that there is a better, more effective formula, than the experience you’ve had with products creepily stalking you on the web.

Keep reading and I’ll share how we do it and why it works…