The Future of Search Engines: ‘Relevance’

You probably never stop to wonder why the world of Search Engines isn’t a better place… but we do. To most people, Search Engines are a place to “get in” and then “get out” with what you’re looking for as fast as possible. And for most people, looking for something on a search engine is rarely pleasurable… but is it possible that it could actually become, gasp!, enjoyable to use a search engine?

Yes. We strongly believe we can make a difference in the future of Search and make improvements for both businesses and consumers, especially when it comes to pay-per-click ads.

What’s preventing the world of Search from being enjoyable?

It all comes down to the word ‘relevance’. When you search for something, you want to find relevant information about what you typed. But currently, many search result pages are filled with irrelevant ads, that click through to messy irrelevant websites.

Ads placed by companies who are sacrificing relevance just to get a person to possibly click and look at their website are far too common. These companies create an even greater aversion in the minds of users who are already skeptical of ads to begin with.

Adding to the frustration is the fact that many website’s landing pages are messy and poorly structured, causing the person who clicked through to have to work even harder to find what they’re looking for. No one likes working too hard for something that should, in theory, be quite simple.

How can it be improved?

Relevance, relevance, relevance. If companies who place pay-per-click ads were to stop sacrificing relevance for thecheap thrill of another tick on the meter of website visitors, the world of Search would be an incredibly better place.

Furthermore, companies who place ads can improve the experience by creating and maintaining highly relevant landing pages on their websites.

Real world example: if I search Google for a pair of “blue Doc Martens” – I want to see search results for blue doc martens, right? Don’t show me ads for black or red Doc Martens or even just Doc Martens in general, and try to sell me on a different color, I want blue ones doggone it!

(Try the search yourself… what do you see? could the results be improved?)

I’d enjoy the search experience so much more if I saw only sites offering blue Doc Martens and clicked to landing pages of the same.

What could the future of Search look like?

You get it. The world of Search has a long way to go, but we strongly believe we can play a part in making it a better place. We build superior ad campaigns and landing pages so that people will enjoy the results they find AND our clients see greater success from this marketing channel.

When people search and find exactly what they’re looking for, they’re satisfied. Relevance.

When our client’s ads are shown only to people who want what they have to offer, their businesses grow and they see a higher return on their investment. Relevance.

What searches have you done recently that could have had more relevant search results on the page? What ideas do you have to make the future of Search Engines better?