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How Everett Andrew Marketing’s President uses personal experience to help others

Mark talks to attendees of his presentation at Wedding MBA 2017 in Las Vegas.

After enduring his own professional valleys, Everett Andrew Marketing President Mark Chapman took the bull by the horns and sought knowledge and guidance that would land him on his feet. It took time and it took resources, but with patience and perseverance Everett Andrew Marketing began to thrive.

In 2007 and 2008, Mark worked for his sister at her profitable photography studio in Long Beach, California. The duo learned quickly that they were not immune to the Great Recession, when brides began cutting high-end photography from their planned wedding expenses, therefore causing a decline in clients and revenue.“We had to figure out how to keep the business afloat, and I needed to figure out how to keep my job,” Mark says.

That’s when he decided to research online marketing, because the in-person networking at local chamber of commerce meetings and other business association events were not generating enough new business. Even though Google Ads and Facebook were new platforms for small business marketing, they appeared to be a possible fix for the photography studio, so Mark took a leap.

“I went to work, trying to figure some of these things out,” he says. “I made a lot of mistakes. We spent a lot of money, without results. But I didn’t give up on it.”

Eventually, the hard work, research, trial and error paid off and his sister’s business began to see a steady increase of revenue from new clients who found the company online. “I remember getting a phone call from someone I didn’t know who had found our ad online,” Mark says. “I thought, ‘This is incredible.’ It was a major breakthrough.” By analyzing the conversion data and experiencing the full-force of fresh clients, Mark could confirm his online marketing campaign was a success.

Word spread quickly that Mark was successful in producing results for his sister’s small business, and her friends began to inquire for help. “It was helping other businesses that made me realize I liked online marketing and was pretty good at it, and that I didn’t like photographing weddings so much,” Mark jokes. “It taught me that it’s really important to have someone who knows what they’re doing handle the online marketing.”

Small-business focus

Over time, Facebook, Google, Twitter and more platforms took notice at how they could help small businesses expand their client base by offering precious ad space.

For example, Facebook offered business and fan pages, but quickly began making the platform more structured for participating businesses. Today, Facebook fan pages only reach 2 percent of the people who “Like” the page, and all businesses now must pay for the ad space to include Facebook users who don’t – but would benefit from – a particular business. “It’s the only way to grow the business without having to do face-to-face networking, or waiting for referrals,” Mark says. “Referrals are great for new business, but if you want to go beyond your current sphere of influence, you’ve got to advertise and get people’s attention online.”

When a business is ready to take on new clientele, Mark and his team are at the ready to help potential clients understand the ins and outs of the process. The most important part to understand about jumping into a campaign, Mark says, is that success doesn’t have to be costly. “Start small,” he says. “Set aside a small budget for your first ad campaign and use the data you receive to build on.”

After listening to the client and the goals are put into perspective, Mark and his team work closely with the client to get the campaign off the ground. Continued monitoring and analyzing the conversion data gives the Everett Andrew Marketing team a strong grasp of the campaign’s successes and adjustment needs.

“We want to help (clients) understand what the consumer seeks – how they’re shopping and consuming data – what works for those consumers and what does not,” Mark says. “The data doesn’t lie, it gives exact information.”

And as Google, Facebook and Twitter evolve with the information-seeking audience, so does the Everett Andrew Marketing crew. “One of our main jobs is to keep up with those changes, to make sure that our clients’ ad campaigns adjust with them,” Mark says. “In the process of getting to a goal, there are a ton of changes and new competitors. It really becomes an ongoing, never-ending process, in a way that our clients’ businesses are alive and growing, changing all the time.”

An example of the morphing industry, Everett Andrew Marketing has been beta testing a new agency partner program with Yelp, which allows agencies a chance to help clients advertise on the platform. Yelp had been attempting to manage clients on its own, but found the amount of client services that were needed could not be provided due to high demand. Agencies like Everett Andrew Marketing can provide the time and energy needed to keep clients happy, while Yelp simply cannot.

“We are part of the beta test to sell ads, but it’s so much more than just selling ad space,” Mark says. “It’s understanding Yelp ads and why they help. It also deepens our relationship with our valued client and introduces a new opportunity to grow together.”

It was Mark’s experience that inspired his business and mission. His team offers clients the tools to understand marketing data, strategic advice, and the guidance needed to grow and achieve great success online. “We want (clients) to understand what their campaign is achieving, and ways they can do better in their business,” he says.

“It’s important because I felt the same when I was trying to figure these things out for myself and didn’t have anyone to guide me. I really love helping other people see what can be done and achieve their goals. It makes me happy and excited.”