Use Facebook Ads to Increase Reach and Drive Results

The disappointment of the significant decline in your Facebook content’s organic reach has long passed. You’ve become accustomed to the fact that things posted on your business page will now only reach a small fraction of your fans on their own.

Yet many businesses have not yet adapted to use Facebook Ads to increase their reach and drive results. What’s holding you back? Likely, a combination of disillusionment from having to pay for something that was previously free, and also not fully understanding how powerful using Facebook Ads can be for your business.

The truth is, paid advertising has become an essential marketing channel for nearly all businesses large and small, and we’re all much better off paying for this incredibly targeted, data-rich opportunity rather than grasping for what worked in the past. The time to evolve your social media is now and there’s no better way to do it than to use Facebook Ads. Here are 3 ways to get started:

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1. Remarket To Your Past Website Visitors

It’s not magic, but it sure seems like it – you can use Facebook Ads to show specific content to people who previously visited your website.

“But wait, how does Facebook know who visited my website?!”

So glad you asked! A simple piece of tracking code provided by Facebook tracks visitors and organizes them so you can designate certain ads to just those past website visitors. So awesome!

What’s even more awesome is that you can get really granular with this and remarket to visitors of select pages on your site, rather than lumping them all together in one batch.

For example, let’s say you offer 3 different services on your website. If someone visits the page for Service ‘A’ you can separate them out and show a specific ad about Service ‘A’ to them on Facebook later on.

There are heaps of other fantastic ways to use Facebook Ads for remarketing, but I’ll save them for another post…

2. Upload Your Existing Email List

Got a list of customer email addresses? Upload them into Facebook! If the email the person uses to login to Facebook matches the one on your list, you’ll be able to use Facebook Ads to market specifically to them.

You can tell Facebook that you’d like to show a certain ad to just these folks – an incredible way to remind your customers about upcoming events, special sales, new service opportunities or one of a million other messages you may want to communicate.

This also works for a list of potential customers too! Help the folks in this list of email addresses move further into your sales funnel by sharing helpful content and compelling reasons they should connect deeper with your business.