Remarketing For Wedding Venues

Your wedding venue can get more leads at a low cost by doing one simple thing >> remarketing.

Engaged couples are taking complex journeys on their path to choosing a wedding venue – they’re using multiple devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops), multiple browsers (Safari, Chrome, etc) and many different media channels (Facebook, Google, Bing, Instagram) to make their decision on a venue.

If you’re not following along with them on their journey, they’re straying away from your sales funnel and being influenced by other wedding venue’s marketing messages over yours.

A remarketing campaign is the way to keep them in your sales funnel and turn more of these “potential” couples into actual paying clients.

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Remarketing explained in simple terms

Remarketing is accomplished by tracking the visitors to your wedding venue website, then showing those visitors a series of follow up ads later on.

It’s sort of similar to that pair of shoes you looked at online, or that electronics product. You didn’t purchase it right away, and then all of a sudden you see that same product in ads all over the place while you browse the web. How do they do that?!

They did it with a remarketing campaign >> BUT >> while this is remarketing in it’s simplest form, it’s important to note it can be done in a much better way for your wedding venue.

Remarketing campaigns example

A common objection: I don‘t like those ads, so I don’t think it works

Many large companies go about remarketing aggressively and it can make us feel uncomfortable – like our privacy has been invaded.

But we’ve proven that there is a better, more effective way to remarket that is helpful, enticing, informative and effective.

Keep reading and we’ll share how we do it, and why it can work for your wedding venues to book more couples…

How it’s done correctly

Over years of testing, our agency has learned exactly what works and what doesn’t work. We start with an ad campaign for your wedding venue on Google – because know that when a potential couple has searched and then clicked on your ad, they have an intent to “convert” (i.e. learn more, sign up for a tour, request venue pricing, etc.)

But not everyone who clicks on the Google ad is ready to convert. And that’s perfectly ok, because it’s normal for couples to do their homework and research their options.

We can tag both visitors who convert, and those that don’t by using a few pieces of tracking code on the website.

With this tracking data we can craft our remarketing plan – starting by crossing platforms and telling Facebook who visited from Google but did not yet convert.

Then in Facebook Ads we can set up the remarketing campaign to show helpful ads with relevant information about your venue. We’ll remind those past visitors about the unique things your wedding venue offers.

If the couple is doing their research and looking at multiple wedding venues they may have easily and unintentionally forgotten about you amidst the piles of information they’re sorting through. This Facebook remarketing campaign then puts you right back at the top of the list!

The remarketing campaign also reminds them how to get in touch with you and invites them to book a tour, call for pricing info, etc.

There are several other key strategies to employ which bring the couple back to your website in a context of helpfulness and you’d be amazed by the results….

The results of effective remarketing

Each of our wedding venue clients have seen a significant increase in phone calls generated, tours booked and ultimately signed contracts with engaged couples.

Since conversion measurement is a foundational piece of every campaign we create, the real life data is there to prove the effectiveness of remarketing campaigns. It’s not just a “feeling”, but rather an objective fact that remarketing works!

How to start remarketing your wedding venue today

Follow the “Learn More” button to book a free consultation and take advantage of a special offer for your wedding venue. During the consultation you can get answers to your questions about strategy, budget and every other detail that’s important to starting a successful remarketing campaign that is specific to your wedding venue.

There’s no cost or obligation. And you’ve got nothing to lose by learning how to use remarketing to get more leads and book more couples!