When ‘Anxious Andy’ Manages Your PPC Campaign

Anxious Andy and his PPC CampaignsHe Starts Off BIG!

That’s right, he goes all in. Balls-to-the-wall. Go big or go home! He showed up to play, so he gets in the game and he’s ready to score some goals.

Anxious Andy doesn’t bother dipping his toes in the water, that’s for marketing wussies. He takes your marketing budget, use some for Google Adwords, some for Bing Ads, some for Facebook, and “heck, why not throw the new Instagram Ads some dough?!”

He Makes Changes Right Away

If, for some reason your PPC campaign isn’t working within a few hours or days, he changes it up immediately. Anxious Andy is super proactive. He doesn’t let time of day, day of the week, or any other similar variables influence his decision when things aren’t working right away.

It only takes a small amount of data to justify big changes to your PPC campaign, Anxious Andy says.

He Gets Overly Frustrated When Your PPC Campaign Doesn’t Work

Anxious Andy thinks, “It’s not working. Ugh. WTF, I’m a marketing genius.” A PPC campaign pretty much always works the way Anxious Andy wants them too. But when they don’t, emotions kick in and it’s decision-making time, baby!

Not decisions based on significant amounts of data though – (because, as we know, Anxious Andy is super proactive and makes changes right away), but decisions based on what worked last time, or what worked for some other client. It feels really good to get rid of that frustration by doing something he knows worked for another PPC campaign. Whew!

Is ‘Anxious Andy’ managing your PPC campaign? We truly hope not. But if he is, there’s a better way. Get a completely free account review by one of Anxious Andy’s alter ego’s at Everett Andrew Marketing by calling us today.

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