Your new Landing Page: What to look for

landing page exampleCongrats on your new landing page! Please take a moment to review the following points so we’re on the same “page” moving forward… (pun intended). Every detail of your landing page is crafted with purpose, and you should be aware of some best practices, which help your page convert:

DESIGN: Your page has been created to match your company’s current branded color, look and feel. Visitors who have seen your main website at some point should feel just as comfortable here on your landing page.

LAYOUT: People have been trained to expect certain things in certain places on web pages. They want to find the information they’re looking for quickly. Your landing page layout takes this into consideration, and is designed in a pattern people expect.

TEXT: The language on your page is written to convince the visitor of the benefits your service/product provides. You’ll see extremely limited use of phrase such as: “we have”, “we offer” or “our service”. Instead phrases such as “you’ll receive” replace them and speak to what the visitor desires from your company. After all, it’s not about you – it’s about them!

IMAGERY: The imagery communicates how the visitor will benefit from your service/product. It is designed to create a sense of trust and enthusiasm for what you’re offering

5 ESSENTIAL COMPONENTS: Your landing page includes the following 5 essential components to help visitors decide to purchase from you. These components have purposeful places in the layout as well. The essential components are:

    1. Your unique selling proposition – what you’re offering the visitor
    1. The hero shot (main image) – visual support to encourage trust and enthusiasm
    1. Benefits of your offering – how your offer will solve their problem and make their life better
    1. Social proof and trust indicators – testimonials and certifications/awards
    1. Call to action – how you want them to acquire your offer


Can changes be made?
Yes! In fact, anything on your landing page can be changed. If there’s something different that suites you better – let us know! We’ll gladly make the change and will likely want to discuss it within the boundaries of the best practices above.

Why aren’t other page links at the top like on my website (i.e. ‘About Us’, ‘Home’ etc.)?
In the digital marketing world, we would call these “leaks.” We don’t want any ‘leaks’ when it comes to moving the visitor from Point A to Point B quickly in a landing page environment. The purpose of the landing page is to give them as much information as possible in one single place – to decide whether or not to perform the call-to-action. Having other links leading them away from your call-to-action decreases conversions.

How do we proceed with changes?
Making a detailed list of your questions and change requests is the fastest way to get the ball rolling. This way, we can expedite the process by working directly from your requests. The sooner the page is finished, the sooner we can utilize it to accomplish your conversion goals.

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Mark ChapmanAbout The Author: EAM Blogger, Mark Chapman, works with clients across multiple industries. He helps each client convert prospects to paying customers through his ongoing study of pay-per-click marketing, landing page development and conversion rate optimization. His hands-on approach gives him endless amounts of insight for teaching others how to market themselves successfully online as well.